What Online Fundraising Platform Has The Best Tools For Cultural Institutions?

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AlchemyLogoCropSince technology has taken off there have been a plethora of new options available to you, the fundraiser. Online platforms are a great way to fundraise and connect with people all over the world. Though one may not be able to regularly visit your museum or cultural institution, that doesn’t mean they don’t share your vision. Below are a few tools that can really help you reach your fundraising goal for your museum or cultural institution.

Online Platforms

  • Kickstarter One of the more popular tools out there to virtually fundraise for your creative project is Kickstarter. With Kickstarter, you can run a campaign and ask people to donate in order for you to help reach your goal and fund your creative project. Commonly, projects organizers provide an incentive for donating and give rewards to their top contributors. With Kickstarter, you have to set a goal of how much you would like to raise in 60 days, however if you don’t reach your goal you see none of the funds.
  • IndieGoGo – IndieGoGo is very similar to Kickstarter as they are both crowdfunding platforms with the goal to help you secure funds to create a project. Where Kickstarter requires you create something, IndieGoGo will allow you to fund any project and does not follow the ‘all or nothing’ mindset. IndieGoGo also gives nonprofits a 25% discount on fees as long as you’re registered as a 503(c)(3) in the US.

Social Networking

  • FirstGiving – FirstGiving is an online place to launch a Peer-to-Peer fundraising campaign. FirstGiving will partner with your nonprofit to help you plan and execute a successful fundraising campaign. FirstGiving provides you with their software to grow your brand, check analytics for your campaign, embeddable widgets and more to help you fundraise.
  • YouTube Nonprofit Program – YouTube has a special channel for raising awareness. On their Non-Profit channel, nonprofits and other charitable organizations can post videos and have the option of adding a ‘Donate Now’ button at the bottom of their post. In addition, the non-profit program allows you to live stream an event that you’re hosting as well as create video annotations and call to action overlays to help spread your message.
  • SixDegrees – The concept of SixDegrees is simple, any person is connected to another person through as many as six relationships because we’re more connected than you may think. With SixDegrees, you are social networking for social good. As a non-profit, you can create a fundraising badge, which is shared on the site. The idea is that people or even celebrities on the site will see your fundraiser and share the cause because everyone is connected. This can integrate well with other tactics such as Facebook.


  • JustGiving – The one thing you see everywhere you go, smartphones. With JustGiving, supporters can pledge money to your organization with a text message. Through JustGiving, you make a page, create a code and share the message, then your supporters just have to send a text to donate. JustGiving also easily integrates with Facebook, email and iPhone apps.

Most of these fundraising tools are similar and their goal is to connect your organization with a larger audience. In terms of effectiveness, it makes more sense to focus your energy on a few platforms rather than spreading yourself too thin and creating a fundraising page on every new tool that comes out.

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